Snow Day work


Work has been set on the Mathswatch and Mymaths websites.

Pupils have been directed to these sites on show-my-homework.


Year 7 – Tudors and Stuarts

Year 8 – Slavery and its abolition

Years 9 and 10 – Civil Rights Movement in the USA

Year 11s – can have a rest!! (Elizabethans if you need something)


Our subject specific website is BBC Bitesize.

There are topic pages and quizzes on each of the key texts we are currently studying/revising-

Year 7- Macbeth

Year 8- Hamlet

Year 9 – Of Mice and Men

Year 10- Lord of the Flies (revision)

Year 11- Literature revision- Lord of the Flies, A Christmas Carol, Romeo and Juliet. Students could also concentrate on poetry by searching Bitesize for the individual anthology poems or look at unseen skills by annotating non anthology poems also on the website.


Draw a Keyboard activity
Year 9 and 10
The Beatles 2-Mark Question Exam Buster Video
Year 11
The Beatles 2-Mark and 8-Mark Question Exam Buster Videos


memrise as homework for all classes in year 7, 8 and 9.

For year 10s and 11s I have set the following homework:

1) Revise vocab via memrise (20k by Sunday 6pm)

2) Revise the formation of our tenses via your flashcards

3) Practise for our exams with your revision workbooks

Websites for Science

Year 10 Child Development

Use this link to look up the guide (picture of it) and the Eatwell guide booklet. You will need to learn the information for your coursework.

The presentation you are doing will need a guide on the nutritional requirements of children AND healthy eating guidelines set by the government.

Look at the information and see how you could go about adding this to your work next week.

Year 9 Child Development

Watch the videos on pregnancy on the links. Make sure you are familiar with the spelling and meaning of the following key words- lanugo, vernix, uterus, vagina, foetus, embryo, contractions, dilation/dilates, cervix, effacement, umbilical cord, placenta.

Year 11 have a coursework set task where they need to observe a child. I have put this on SMH.

They could also have the same link as year10 for revision on the website.


Year 7 PSCRE-

Year 8 PSCRE –

Year 9 PSCRE –

Year 10 & 11 PSCRE –

GCSE RE years 9 /10 and 11

GCSE Citizenship Years 9, 10 and 11  (Knowledge Planners from School Website to make revision cards – tasks on SMHW)

Business Studies years 9 & 10, I have set a home learning task ‘Revision of Business Growth’ on Google Classroom. All pupils will be able to access this at home. We have been looking at this topic over the last week. I know that they can log into Google Classroom as they have all done it this week in school.

On SMH I have my usual weekly homework for my Business pupils.

Computer Science years 7 & 8, I suggest they have a go at these coding projects at home.


BBC bitesize-art & design

Google images

Design Technology

Good websites-

Bbcbitesize- graphics/product design etc