Outdoor Education

Our vision for outdoor education is to help students develop responsibility, resilience and independence. Through a structured programme of adventurous activities, they’re encouraged to explore, dream and discover.

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Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme


Continue your “Adventure” and “Explore” DofE website.

For more information about the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme please click on the links below to go to the DofE website.

Main DofE Website
DofE – Frequently Asked Questions
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For more information on specific topics on the DofE website please click on the links below.

Information for Parents
What is the DofE?
Why do your DofE?
Getting Started
Activity Section
Expedition Kit and Offers
Life after your DofE Award

Expedition Evening

Expedition Evening Powerpoint

Parents Evening

Information from the DofE Parents evening.

Welcome to Priory School DofE Parents Evening


For eDofE Bitesize click on the following links.

eDofE Bitesize for Participants
eDofE Bitesize for Leaders
eDofE Bitesize for Assessors

DofE Leader/Trainer Page

Information on Team Aimwork

On DofE Expeditions participants are expected to abide by the 20 Expedition Conditions ( for details see following link)

20 Expedition Conditions:

Expedition 20 Conditions
Condition 4 is: Expedition must have an aim ( for more details see the following link)

Expedition Aim work links:

DofE Expedition Aims
More ideas for Expedition Aims ( Note not all apply to Bronze level)

Aims for DofE Expedition
Remember that Teams will need an aim to thier Expedition. This will be something they start looking at before you go and complete while they are away.

There is a section at the top of the Expedition Route Card to fill in the Expedition Aim, and on the reverse of the sheet is space to write the activity plan.

Bear in mind when route planning and completing the timings on the Route Cards, Teams are expected to be on Expedition a minimum 6 hours per day. A minimum of 3 hours must be journeying ( walking), the rest being spent on aim work, rest breaks, lunch etc.)

For more information about DofE Volunteering, follow the links below:
DofE Webpage Link – Leaders
eDofE Bitesize for Leaders
eDofE Bitesize for Assessors


These are the dates upcoming DofE sessions for next year:

Next years year 10 

(Practice expedition 1) – 30/9/17 – 1/10/17

(Practice expedition 2) – 7/10/17 – 8/10/17


Next years year 10

Qualifying expedition 1 – 12/5/18 – 13/5/18

Qualifying expedition 2 – 19/5/18 – 20/5/18


Parents launch evening 6/7/17 (6:00 – 6:30pm)


After school sessions

EDofE session 12/7/17

Map Skills 28/9/17

Basic First Aid – 22/2/18

Equipment, Tents and Map Skills – 8/3/18

Route Planning – 22/3/17




Next years year 9 

(Practice expedition 1) – 21/4/18 – 22/4/18

(Practice expedition 2) – 28/4/18 – 29/4/18



Next year year 9

Qualifying expedition 1 – 16/6/18 – 17/6/18

Qualifying expedition 2 – 23/6/18 – 24/6/18


Parents launch evening 6/7/17 (6:00 – 6:30pm)


After School sessions

EDofE session – 13/9/17

Basic First Aid – 5/10/17

Equipment, Tents and Cooking – 12/10/17

Route planning and map Skills – 25/1/18



Please see the links below for the Enrollment Forms, Acceptance Forms and Medical Form:


Acceptance letter Formatted Yr 9


Acceptance letter Formatted Yr 10


D oF E enrollment form filled in


Medical Form


Short Powerpoint presentation about D of E:


PPT for 9 and 10 real


Expedition Presentation

Below is a link to the the presentation shown at the DofE Parents Advice Evening 26 September 2017

Expedition PPT