We believe that correct uniform is very important in encouraging self-respect, pride in the school and a sense of community. It’s also an excellent indicator of a student’s attitude, state of mind and readiness for work.

Uniform Policy for 2016/17

Permitted dress:

  • Priory School blazer
  • Black school style trousers–smart and tailored
  • Black A-line school skirt – tailored and sits on the knee
  • Black school style V-neck jumper
  • White school style shirt – short/long sleeved
  • School tie
    • Year 7 – grey stripe
    • Year 8 – blue stripe
    • Year 9 – gold stripe
    • Year 10 – green stripe
    • Year 11 – red stripe
  • Black shoes – can be trainer style; footwear must be completely black
  • Navy or black outdoor coat with no obvious logo or slogan
  • Prefects will wear a pale blue shirt and a dark blue tie
  • Jewellery – Small studs in the lower lobe are permitted; pupils may wear a watch

We do not permit:

  • Skater/tube style /above the knee length skirts
  • Facial piercings or retainers
  • Excessive make-up/ false eyelashes
  • Acrylic nails/ nail varnish
  • Fashion accessories/bracelets/necklaces
  • Unnaturally coloured braiding/dyed hair
  • Shaved heads (less the grade 2), shaved patterns, undercuts