About Priory

enjoy  respect  achieve

Priory has a distinctive ethos that combines a prime focus on high achievement with a strong concern for the social development of each individual. We believe in the acquisition of knowledge and skills that enable our students to adapt confidently to varying situations. We believe in high expectations for every student, irrespective of their academic starting point or background.

We want our students to enjoy their learning as we seek to develop optimistic problem solvers who are able to make responsible decisions that mark them out as our leaders of the future. Students leaving us are inspired, mature and independent citizens who have direction and purpose and feel that they have a legitimate place and role in the modern world.

Mutual respect and high quality relationships underpin our work and are at the heart of our values; we are proud of our diversity and inclusivity as a community.

Parents of our students report back overwhelmingly that their children are happy, well looked after and well taught. They also state clearly that they would recommend Priory to others considering schools for their child.