Bohunt Trust

trust logoThe Bohunt Education Trust (BET) runs a group of schools, including Priory School, with a shared ethos:

Enjoy Respect Achieve


As education professionals, we combine high expectations with a sensitivity to learners’ individual needs. We deliver the very best standards of teaching, and take every opportunity to recognise and reward achievement.

Through exceptional leadership, and collaboration and engagement with our local communities, we enable our students to enjoy their learning, respect themselves and each other, and achieve outstanding results.

BET is ambitious. Beyond running its individual schools highly successfully, we aim to transform education in Britain by sharing the experiences, insights and methods we’ve pioneered in own schools.

To contact us about our work or to discuss joining BET email Philip Avery, Director of Learning & Strategy for BET, via the following link.

More information about BET can be found at our website:

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