The communications faculty at Priory school is focused on producing articulate, resilient and confident pupils who have no ceiling on their ambition.

We nurture a sense of imagination and creativity to allow all pupils to explore their own voice. Pupils in our faculty are proud of what they achieve in English and in Modern Foreign Languages. They are able to reflect on their own learning to seek further opportunities to improve whilst celebrating successes.

Our pupils are independent, hardworking and engaged as we have worked relentlessly at cultivating a sense of enthusiasm and high expectations within the faculty. Pupils in the communications faculty enjoy, respect and achieve in every lesson.


Key Stage three:

The English department is committed to ensuring all pupils engage in their learning and make rapid progress. We pride ourselves in making sure that all our students enjoy their lessons and as a result we constantly evolve our schemes of work to develop their skills, whilst fostering a passion for conveying their thoughts within their writing and discussions.

We take part in a scheme called Accelerated Reader, where our students read for pleasure once a week. We highly value the importance of reading not only for the love of literature but for the importance reading can have on progress. This has provided demonstrable results for our students.

Enrichment is an important part of our curriculum and we encourage our students to understand that real life experiences can impact on the work that they produce and encourage them to apply these skills and learning in day to day school life.

During Key Stage 3, students complete a range of units, such as Shakespeare, poetry, creative writing and novel studies. Pupils are assessed after each unit and we formally test our students once a year to ensure they prepare for the examination process that they work towards. This helps build their familiarity and understanding of how examinations work, in preparation for their GCSEs.

Key Stage four:

At Key Stage Four there is a full focus on ensuring pupils not only feel confident in tackling the rigors of GCSE but also develop skills that will be beneficial in the world of work and beyond. We are passionate about ensuring pupils enjoy their GCSE preparation, develop an appreciation of a range of texts and feel empowered to contribute to society using their voice and the written word.

During Key Stage 4, pupils will cover a range of units to prepare them for both their English Language and English Literature GCSES. They will explore a range of 19th, 20th and 21st century fiction and non-fiction texts, including opportunities to evaluate the texts critically. Pupils are also encouraged to develop their thoughts imaginatively and sensitively through both creative and transactional writing. We also offer a wide range of debate and discussion lessons where pupils are encouraged to form their own opinions and learn that their voice is valued and important.

Key Stage 4 English has a thorough and rigorous curriculum which ensures pupils are well prepared for the GCSE. They have opportunities to practise their exam skills and dedicated time to improve. Time across Year 10 and Year 11 is dedicated to in lesson revision carousels, extra-curricular immersion projects and additional intervention workshops. These sessions offer intensive but enjoyable revision where pupils have targeted support to achieve their best possible grade.

As a department we truly believe every pupil should have every opportunity to achieve their best possible grade in both English Language and English Literature and we continually strive to enable that to happen.

Modern Foreign Languages

We are a lively, creative and enthusiastic team who enjoy sharing our love of languages with our pupils. We are very well qualified to teach all three languages – French, German and Spanish. We offer enrichment by way of after school language learning and trips, such as to Portsmouth and Chichester Universities and entering the Portsmouth Football Languages Challenge. We have recently set up a very popular day trip to Cherbourg for years 7 & 8 and have run Christmas market trips to Lille for KS4

Key Stage Three:

Across our three languages, French German & Spanish, we study topics of describing yourself, your family and describing your school, including opinions in year 7. This builds on knowledge of familiar topics for our pupils and gradually starts to prepare them for their later language learning. They also learn to understand and talk about what they do in their free time. We cover grammar areas such as adjectival agreement and justifying opinions. They are beginning to write short paragraphs in the target language.

By the end of Year 9, pupils will have covered topics such as their use of social media, health, holidays and careers. They will be able to understand and use a variety of tenses and understand detailed descriptions. The skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing are covered and assessed over KS3 as these are the four areas of focus and assessment for GCSE

Key Stage Four:

Pupils continue to focus on the four skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing, often with authentic materials as stimulus. KS4 builds on vocabulary and grammar from KS3 but through more advanced topics such as relationships and choices, the media, environmental issues, advantages and disadvantages of where we live and future plans. In the new GCSE from September 2016, the four areas mentioned above are worth 25% each. There will also be translation exercises in the writing exam so this will become a greater focus for us next year.

The Communications Team:

Mrs Holly Waterfall- Head of Faculty
Mrs Kathryn Eustace- Curriculum Leader of MFL
Mrs Kimberley Pink- Curriculum Leader of English
Mrs Hannah St Ledger- Curriculum Leader of English
Miss Michelle Anderton- Deputy SENCO and English Teacher
Mr Connor Mills- English Teacher
Mrs Charlotte Yeoman- Academically More Able Lead and English Teacher
Miss Sian Farrell- English Teacher
Miss Harriet Widlake- English Teacher
Miss Kate Norton- English Teacher
Mrs Sofia Cosh- English Teacher
Mr Richard Mason- Languages Teacher
Mr Robert Eggett- Languages Teacher
Mr Thomas Schmelter- Languages Teacher
Ms Sarah Butler- Cover supervisor for the faculty
Mrs Louise Mant- KS3 intervention specialist for Literacy and English
Miss Sandra East- intervention specialist for GCSE English