Communication with parents

We understand that when your children move up to secondary school the nature of communication tends to change. Whereas at Junior School there are more informal opportunities to meet class teachers at secondary school this is sometimes harder to enable. The danger is that school can become more remote to parents and that is not what we would want. We try to address this by a range of approaches to communication. No individual form of communication is perfect but our intention is that, over time, parents feel involved and fully informed about their child’s school life.


If you require any special arrangements or adjustments to improve communications with the school please let us know by contacting your child’s Progress Leader. By prior arrangement, we are able to arrange translators in a range of languages to attend meetings or parents evenings. Meetings and appointments can be scheduled in an accessible room when required.

Email contact

Email addresses for all staff are available in Student Planners. We encourage all parents to provide us with their email addresses as this is often the easiest way for the school to communicate information promptly. We strive to respond to any email enquiries within 24 hrs.

Letters home

Priory will send home letters throughout the year about events, trips and key information. They are backed up by email copies and text reminders.

The Priory Post

We publish three Priory Post Newsletters each year. These newsletters celebrate success and inform parents of the life of the school.

Parents Evenings

We run at least one Parents’ Evening each year for each year group. In Year 10 and 11 we run two. These evenings are an opportunity to meet subject teachers and receive direct feedback on the academic progress of your child and their approaches to learning.

Parent Information Evenings

Each year group have an additional information evening each year where parents are invited in to provide information and guidance on specific aspects of the school’s work . For example in recent years we have covered,

  • Reporting
  • Homework
  • Revision
  • Emotional health
  • Year 9 Options
  • Year 6 Transition

Report processes

Parents will receive up to six separate reports in any given year. There are two types of report but yr 7 reports are under review following the removal of levels at KS2.

Attitudes to learning

Each subject teacher will rate your child’s habits for learning in the classroom.


Each subject teacher will report of your child’s progress against academic targets three times a year.

Show My Homework

Homework is posted on the Show My Homework site that can be accessed via their internet address or through the student section on the website.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Our special educational needs policy and SEND information report are available on the website (link).

Our SENCO arranges termly coffee mornings for parents and carers of children with additional needs. Information about these events is available from the SENCO and is posted on the website, Twitter and Facebook.

Student Planner

Every child is issued with their own Student Planner at the beginning of each year. These planners are checked on a weekly basis by tutors and include the email contacts of every member of staff. They also provide generic information about key policies and information about the school.

Telephone contact

Teachers will phone parents with information, praise and concerns throughout any given week. The Headteacher phones 10-20 parents each Friday to recognise the good work of their children. Staff strive to respond to any telephone messages within 24 hours.

Text messaging

We will send text messages for a variety of purposes: Reminders of key dates; warning that a letter is coming home; asking for information about your child’s absence.


Our new website is now live. Detailed information about the school, including a calendar of events, exam results, policies, information about each Faculty area and extra curricula opportunities can be found on the site which is divided into the following areas.

  • About Priory School
  • News
  • Statutory Documents
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Centre
  • Alumni
  • School Sports Partnership
  • Contact


Postcards are sent home to provide individual recognition of good student work. Last year we sent home over 5500 postcards celebrating excellent work or effort from your children.

Show My Homework

Homework is posted on the Show My Homework site that can be accessed via their internet address or through the student section on the website.

Parent Surveys

Parents are invited to complete a survey on their perceptions of Priory school each year. These responses help inform on self-evaluation and planning processes.

Twitter and Facebook

Priory School Facebook page and a Twitter account. Parents can receive information and updates in both these formats by following us.


As can be seen there are a wide range of ways that we attempt to maintain effective communication with parents but we are never complacent. We welcome feedback and suggestions from parents as to how we might continue to improve communication. This can be done through email or through the Parents’ Focus group.