Extra-curricular activities

Priory’s Extra-Curricular programme – ‘PX’ is effective from Monday 10th September. This is a live document with updates and changes being made regularly.

PX offers our students an exciting opportunity to learn and enjoy a new hobby away from our current teaching curriculum.

Note: Clubs during 2A are for students in Yr 7/9/11. Clubs during 2B ar for Yr 8 and 10.

All Year 7 Tutor groups have the opportunity to attend a FREE health, fitness and well-being day at INEOS. The day includes an introduction to sailing.

Tutor groups will be attending on the following days

Perrins – 24th Sept
Male – 28th Sept
Whitfield – 1st Oct
Wright – 2nd Oct
Cooper – 5th Oct
Sime – 8th Oct
Snow – 9th Oct
Graham – 10th Oct
Pitchford – 11th Oct
Adetunji – 12th Oct

Any questions, please contact Miss Jordan, jjordan@priorysouthsea.org