Faculty Areas

Our success is based on an approach which combines the highest expectations with a sensitivity to learners’ individual needs, concentrates on maintaining the very best standards of learning and teaching, and takes every opportunity to recognise and reward achievement.

At Priory School we offer considerable richness and diversity of cultural, academic, scientific and linguistic experience to our learners across the curriculum and through our trips programme, whilst maintaining an emphasis on the core skills of literacy and numeracy.

The following pages give you a flavour of what happens in each of our faculties.


The communications faculty at Priory school is focused on producing articulate, resilient and confident pupils who have no ceiling on their ambition.

Design & Technology

Using creativity and imagination, pupils design and make products that solve real and relevant problems.

Expressive Arts

The Expressive Arts Faculty provides the best in innovative, creative learning experiences.


We offer History, Geography and Personal, Social and Religious Education (PSRE) as discrete subjects.

Computer Science

We bring IT & Computing to the forefront of the curriculum.


Our vision is to create resilient, enthusiastic and confident learners that believe they can succeed.


Industry and business are built on science, technology, engineering and mathematics – the so-called STEM subjects.